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ARUNACHAL PRADESH -"The Land of The Dawn Lit Mountains -is India's Land of The Raising Sun". It is believed that a dip in the Holy tank PARASURAM KUND on the Auspicious day of Makar Sankranti will wash away ONE'S sins.


Namdapha Tiger reserve in Changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh is spread over an area of 1,850sq Kms rugged terrain. Perhaps no other National Park in the World has a Wider  variation of topography than  Namdapha National Park.


A Glorious city of 7th to 8th Centuries noted for its rich Sculpture & Artistry. The ruins of BHISMAKA NAGAR Place show a mix of the local Tribal and Aryan ways of life. As per mythology, King of BHISMAKA NAGAR had gave his daughter Rukmini in marriage to LOARD KRISHNA.


Bomdila is a delightful stopover amidst apple orchards, lush forests and trekking trails where time seems to stand still. There  are couple of picturesque gomphas here and the craft centre has a delightful range of hand-woven carpets. Bomdila is famous for its apple cultivation. In winter black-neck migrated (from Ladakh) cranes can be seen.


With its centuries-old great fortress monastery against the dramatic setting of the snow-mantled peak. Tawang is accessible by car in a dramatic drive through mesmeric alpine country. The sinuous road to Tawang passes through dragon gates on the awesome heights of great Sela Pass (13,714 ft). Jaswantgarh located here is memorial to the brave soldier who single handedly tried to hold of the approaching Chinese from the pass during the 1962 Indo-Chinese war.           

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